We are living in a concrete jungle that is ever growing as the days pass by. Some kids don’t even understand what nature really is all about when they haven’t seen much in their surroundings for a while now with rapid urbanization taking the world by storm. Cities are expanding and there is a big demand for space where more homes or buildings can be built. However, one must admit that we can’t live on concrete alone? Yes, they are sturdy, make for fine homes, and protect us from the elements and all but there are things that trees can provide that your home can’t always offer.

You’ll feel a tree’s importance in the heat of summer. When the sun is out to make everyone’s lives a living hell, the shade provided by trees can cool you down and keep you sane despite the sweltering heat. There is usually no more space to grow trees in the city when developers and builders can build a concrete structure that would make them millions, right? However, a lot of cities today make an effort to adding more greenery in their communities such as trees because it helps them cope with the heat. It is as simple as that. We can build concrete fortresses and all but we can’t live without nature. Imagine walking along a street devoid of trees? It not only looks grim but most likely uncomfortable too because nothing else can shield you from the elements.

In a study with Georgia Tech, Texas Tree Foundation looked at summer temperatures throughout the city, finding that the hottest areas averaged 100 degrees. Planting trees and adding other greenery, they found, could help cool some areas as much as 15 degrees on hot days. Beyond providing shade, trees help cool the air as water evaporates from leaves. The study found that planting trees was three times more effective than other strategies for cooling the city of Dallas.

A second map, created by the Trust for Public Land, considered multiple other factors beyond heat in Dallas–from asthma rates to a need for green space–to prioritize Oak Cliff. The project team worked with people living in the neighborhood to understand the routes that students walked to school and other routes pedestrians are most likely to take in order to further prioritize where to plant trees.

“If we had unlimited resources, we would plant trees everywhere, but this study allowed us to pinpoint those neighborhoods where we could do the maximum amount of good with the resources that we have,” says Matt Grubisich, director of operations and urban forestry for the Texas Trees Foundation.

(Via: https://www.fastcompany.com/90204411/a-simple-solution-to-help-cities-fight-overheating-more-trees)

Aside from the shade provided by trees, their presence definitely makes the place cooler. Some cities conducted studies that revealed trees help in cooling down the environment from the water that evaporates from each of its leaves. They even discovered that having more trees planted in a community is even more effective in cooling rather than other methods. If you resort to the use of air conditioning systems, you won’t have a hard time beating the heat but your wallet will definitely suffer from the high electric bills until summer ends.

But it’s how the city’s plants and trees contribute to boosting public health that could prove of more lasting importance. The new work has found that healthcare costs are reduced by almost £12 per person due to the airs pollutants being absorbed by the surrounding vegetation, a total saving of £59.2m in 2015. What that means in practical terms is less money being spent on treating avoidable air quality related issues such as heart disease, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses. In fact, a similar figure can also be shown for Edinburgh (£10.47 per person), while the less densely populated Dumfries and Galloway in the borders can point to an even higher figure, with £14.55 saved per head in avoided health costs.

(Via: https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/31/glasgows-trees-are-saving-the-citys-life-7780171/)

It is no wonder cities right now are doubling their efforts in making cities green once more without hampering progress. Tree-planting initiatives are conducted by both private individuals and organizations and even by the local officials because we all know that the planet is gradually heating up, we can’t beat it unless we invest in long-term solutions like filling as many place as we can with more trees. The trees save us from pollution too, so it is actually a win-win solution for everyone. We finally get to do something about a perennial that threatens our very own survival. If a tree needs to be removed, though, in order for a new one to be planted again, so ask experts like https://www.allcleartree.com/removal to do it for you. Not only is it quicker but it surely is safer too.

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