We live in such a capitalistic world where money makes the world go round. Well, it is true in a lot of ways. We need to spend money in order to make more money. There is also one major reality that often goes unnoticed by many, the amount of trash we make makes it increasingly difficult to live in the planet we call home. Pollution is a global problem and abuse and misuse of the world’s resources has significantly harmed the world thereby hastening global warming and climate change.

Concerned citizens have been exploring all means to preserve the world’s resources for the future generation but it seems our efforts are faltering and we aren’t making much progress. When it seems like a lost cause already, we just keep surprising ourselves with innovative ways of making the world a little better one day at a time. It can be finding new ways of using natural resources to address current problems and one of the major issues these days has to deal with an excessive use of plastic.

Despite more companies reducing the amount of plastic in packaging or creating more sustainable packages, a majority of consumer packaging is plastic. A team from Georgia Institute of Technology want to add to the growing list of sustainable alternatives with a new type of flexible plastic packaging. 

The new synthetic creation would use a material taken from crab shells and tree fibers that could form a plastic-like substance. Chitin — a fibrous substance — forms a major part of an arthropod’s exoskeleton. Tree cellulose could also be a much more sustainable and easily recyclable alternative. In order to create the packaging, reserachers sprayed multiple layers of chitin and cellulose togehter to form a flexible film that rivals popular plastic packaging wraps.

(Via: https://interestingengineering.com/new-flexible-packaging-uses-crab-shells-and-trees-instead-of-plastic)

Sustainable living is the only way to preserve life on earth. It isn’t always easy but it does not mean it is not doable. It takes more effort than usual and a brave heart to go about changes that aren’t popular mainstream. Using brown paper bags or bringing your own bag when shopping is no longer enough. What we need are bolder actions that can bring about a much bigger and better change for all.

The discovery of this plastic-like substance is huge news because of its potential in replacing the use of plastic in a lot of things without sacrificing quality. It can even be seen as a possible replacement for plastics used in vending machines. Think about how many cities now have vending machines and that is how big its impact will be over time.

That means identifying certain species of tree like the honey locust and mulberry and trimming them into usable pieces. The zoo also uses other tree waste in other parts of the zoo. The rhinos, for instance, like to rub against big logs.

“We put word out that we could use some hollow logs and the next thing you know 12 hollow logs show up,” Strode said.

Ameren tends to 6,800 miles of electrical lines in Illinois. Trees falling on power lines is the number one cause of outages, said Tucker Kennedy, Ameren’s director of community and public relations.

(Via: https://www.pantagraph.com/news/state-and-regional/hungry-giraffes-snack-on-problem-tree-limbs/article_79059e60-fa2b-5e13-b518-bf9aff328c0f.html)

It will take a while for this plastic-like substance to be commercially available. We should still exhaust other efforts to slow down the degrading of our planet. Another good idea is the feeding of unusable trees to animals that otherwise would only pose a problem or a threat to people. Rather than seeing them rotting and not being used, these trees can feed hungry animals like giraffes, rhinos and other wild animals at zoos. These trees include the honey locust and mulberry trees and other trees that feel off on its own and end up blocking roads or damaging homes and properties.

You don’t always have to do things extraordinarily to make a big difference in this world. What matters is your intentions are nice and you make an effort to do things differently than the common practice that is extremely damaging to the environment. If you do face a problem such as overgrown trees in your yard, let a professional like https://www.allcleartree.com/trimming do it and ask them how you can make something useful out of this tree trimmings so it does not entirely go to waste like how those trees were fed to zoo animals in the above article.

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