If you’ve got trees on your property you’ve undoubtedly been affected by the recent storms. You’ve probably heard the trunks creaking in the wind or maybe you’ve been unlucky enough to have a branch come crashing through a window. While trees are beautiful additions to any lawn or yard, you’ve got to take care of them. Left to their own devices trees can grow huge and wild. Their roots can infiltrate your pipes and their branches can scrape your siding. By maintaining your trees growth with regular trimming you can help avoid a weather-related disaster, or hopefully any tree-related disaster:

Homeowners were still recovering from Fridays storm after trees toppled across San Diego County. Arborist Larry Coalson with LC Tree Service was helping residents pick up the pieces Monday.

“The biggest thing you can do is to look at your trees. If you can’t see through them then it’s time to trim them,” said Coalson.

Coalson said he’s been busy with phone calls since the storm, and continues to remind folks if you can’t see through your tree is time to trim it. If wind can’t blow through the tree the wind could knock the tree down.

Coalson suggests a few things homeowners can do on their own that let’s them know if they should call a professional.

“At the base – if you can see some of the roots that’s not a big deal. It’s when you can actually step on them and feel the ground move a good foot,” Coalson said. “If your foot goes in a foot or you have cracks coming along the soil and you see it kind of starting to raise up or you notice a really heavy lean in the tree that’s unusual that is when you really need to call somebody out.”

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You’ve got to pay attention to them and you’ve got to do your best to help them stay healthy. This is all sound advice and it could save you a trip to the hospital or the need to call in a contractor because half your house is gone. Our roads are also fighting a losing battle out there:

Friday’s storm may not have been the strongest of the season in terms of rainfall, but it still packed a punch.

Reports of downed trees and clogged roadways began pouring in early, as winds strengthen ahead of rainfall later Friday afternoon.


Instances of downed trees continued to occur throughout the day.
Large Eucalyptus trees, weakened by January rainfall already, were especially vulnerable.
A downed tree on the northbound side of I-5 south at Genesee Ave. blocked the slow lane and an off-ramp shortly before noon, prompting a Sig Alert. The alert was cleared before 2 p.m., but not before causing lengthy delays to the afternoon commute.
A fallen tree on northbound SR-163, just south of Robinson Ave., fell on a vehicle and blocked all lanes just after 4 p.m., prompting a Sig Alert as well.
It’s been crazy around here. Prevention is better than reaction, after all. Instead of reacting to your trees blowing down or branches snapping off willy-nilly, use this storm as a lesson in maintenance. By looking at the unpredictable weather we’ve had it’s not surprising that so many trees have fallen. Don’t let it happen again is the best lesson that can be taken from this. If you have trees, have them regularly trimmed http://www.allcleartree.com/trimming. Keep your yard free of debris and make sure that if you do have several trees that they aren’t all entwined. If you’ve got three trees all wrapped up in each other you’re going to have three trees coming down together. Regular trimming can help the trees maintain their close friendship without interfering with the rest of their lives.

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