Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They provide shelter, shade on those bright days, and for many animals they provide a home. While trees are the givers of fresh air, sometimes they need to say good-bye. Sometimes the trees can grow out of control and become a hazard; professional tree trimming is key for this. No matter how much attention you give them or how much you try to reign them in, they are in fact a force of nature. Trees pretty much do whatever they want. So even if you don’t want to, you may need to consider removing them for the safety of everyone else:

Four massive ficus trees in downtown Encinitas will be removed within the coming weeks, despite a neighborhood push to save the towering plants.

Public Works Director Glenn Pruim delivered that news during an emotion-packed community meeting Tuesday, saying the purpose of the gathering was to collect input on how to replace the trees — not to revisit the city’s decision to yank them.

Dozens of people said the targeted trees — two in the 600 block of Second Street and two in front of rental housing at 1011 Third Street — are an integral part of the neighborhood’s character and help soften the effects of noise from downtown bars and restaurants.

“We have been under siege for years … (removing the trees) is going to make it worse,” said Third Street resident Joe McNelley.

The trees must come down because they’re a safety hazard, Pruim said. He showed the crowd photographs of weakened spots on the trees, and of areas where nearby pavement was being pushed up by roots.

The City Council voted last month to go ahead with the removal work after facing threats of litigation from neighboring property owners and obtaining an arborist’s assessment that the four ficus pose a moderate to high safety risk.

On Tuesday, Pruim floated ideas on how the city might replace the trees, as well as any other of the 50 ficus spread throughout downtown that might one day need to be removed.


While it is definitely sad to see historic pieces of the neighborhood disappear it won’t help anyone if an accident is caused by a rogue tree. Proper trimming and maintenance can help the trees on your property live healthy and grow strong. While there may be little that can be done below ground to steer a tree in the right direction, there are still some areas above ground that can be explored to ensure everyone enjoys the outcome.

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